Major patch 1.2.0 is live!

Hey guys,

This is a big patch and it's finally live! We apologize for the wait.
Let me summarize for you the most notable new features.

A new miniboss: the Lich

We worked on a new unit to spice the gameplay up a bit. When you expect it the least, the lich will appear and freeze your mines and towers! With a brand new model and animations, we hope to make the game feel fresh with some icy actions!

The Endless (Ranked) mode

Following the advice of our playerbase, we implemented a new mode which has two important aspects Heroes of Delum was missing: replayability and competitivity. 
The goal of the Endless mode is to survive as long as possible. There is no end (as the name states) and the different types of enemies will come in a different order than in the classic mode.
The Endless [b]Ranked[/b] mode lets all players experience the same world for a whole week. Every sunday midnight UTC, the winner will be decided, the leaderboard will be reset and a new seed will be generated to create a new world for everyone. A new world each week means a new meta to study, based on the map and the order of the different waves!
Will you make it to the top?

In-game market

Too much wood? Not enough gold? Or is your teammate not having a good day?
All of that is no longer a problem with the new market feature we created!
With the in-game interface, use the market tab to trade gold with wood and vis-versa. You can also send resources to your teammates at any time!

Reworked the menus

Because of the new modes, we had to adapt the menus. The lobby has been reworked, allowing the host to change server parameters and kick players if necessary.
Player profiles are now available, including different stats and a match history!

We're very excited about this update, tell us what you think!

1.2.0 Patch notes


  • Reworked multiplayer lobby
  • Added player's profile in menus with stats and match history
  • Added a new mode: Endless
  • Added a new mode: Endless ranked
  • Added a new miniboss: Lich
  • Added in-game market feature, allowing to trade gold vs wood, or send resources to an ally
  • Added "depleted mines" feature: when a mine is depleted, it now keeps harvesting gold but at a lower rate


  • Players are now allowed to repair allied structures
  • Chicken heal 20% instead of 30hp
  • Added HP & HP regen on hard (50%)
  • Reduced damage of lightning tower after each bounces (-50% per bounce)
  • Heal player when saving allies
  • Reworked final boss: more fast, more responsive, less boring
  • Improved performances 
  • Increased Taunt cooldown from 25s to 35s
  • Rebalanced level values for profile borders
  • Added some details to terrain
  • Hide "live left" on end screen

Bug fixes

  • Removed extra lives text in tutorial
  • Fixed coop game achievement "At least I have friends!"
  • Fixed ennemies update in fog of war (were sometimes appearing in the fog)
  • Fixed top notifications not displaying



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