1.1.0 is live!

Hello everyone!
Since the launch of Heroes of Delum, we have been working intensively to apply some of the great feedback that we received from you guys.

Along with a lot of fixes and balancing/tweaks, the major changes of this version include:

Steam Networking

Since we received a few complains from players who couldn't create or join a game, we reworked entirely our networking system to use Steam Networking. This will now cover 100% of the rare connections problems that were occurring until now!

New in-game UI

We improved the in-game interface to be much more lighter, and cover more functionalities, like for example the attack and hold position actions.

Zoom feature

It is now possible to zoom in and out using the scroll wheel!

Pause feature

The host is now able to pause the game at will. Ideal when a short break is needed!

1.1.0 Patch notes


  • New networking system (Steam Network)
  • Pause feature (host only)
  • Zoom in and out feature
  • New lighter UI, including hero actions (attack and hold)
  • Added 32bit support


  • Nerf lightning towers (50% => 30% dmg on ground & -25% range)
  • New FX & SFX for the boss ultimate which is reducing all players's max health to 50%
  • Reworked play menu with singleplayer mode
  • Use escape to open main menu
  • Click on ground to unselect a building or unit
  • Added outline on food & better collision detection
  • Reworked UI (Selection, Hero, Events)
  • Boosted shield duration & effect & reduced CD
  • Reduced taunt totem life & duration
  • Boosted heal totem Health per seconds
  • Reworked research system
  • Display chat message when a game is created
  • Better rivers borders
  • Totem boundboxes reduced
  • Vision tower now sees invisible units at full range

Bug fixes

  • Fix boss crossing bridges
  • Clear Chat when switching lobby
  • Fix building name truncated
  • Fix false requirement for vision tower
  • Fix difficulty -1 on clients
  • Prohibit winning and losing at the same time
  • Fix magic meh achievement which was wrongly triggered
  • Fix fairy behavior
  • Fix FR text on end screen (D"é"faite)
  • Fix bad music looping
  • Fix lightning FX impact
  • Stop building placing on death
  • Fix enemies stuck on slopes
  • Fix vision totem (totem didn't see units)
  • Fix shrine randomness algorithm for last shrine spawning
  • Fix desert shrine HUD
  • Fix minimap gold icon color


Thank you for playing Heroes of Delum!

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