Heroes of Delum is getting released!

We did it!

Heroes of Delum is on the Steam store and is getting officially released Friday the 19th January 2018.
It's been a long way, as a matter of fact it's been 3 years that we have been working on this game and we are very excited! Since this is our first Steam game, we have no idea how this will end up and we are learning from it a lot.

If you can't afford the price, make sure to contact us, we have a limited amount of free keys allocated for you guys.


Here are some screenshots of the latest stand:





And as always here is the latest patchnote:

1.0.0 Patch notes


  • Procedural maps
  • Steam implementation
    • Invite player to lobby
    • Join player from Steam friends
    • Achievements
  • Global Chat
    • Players automatically connects to the global chat on the main scene
  • XP System
    • XP is assigned at the end of each game and is based on your performance and difficulty settings
    • Unlock avatar borders by earning XP and show your experience to the community
  • Translations (EN, DE, FR)


  • Move difficulty choice to server creation
  • Prevent player from cheating & joining game on an unlocked difficulty, to unlock the difficulty the player must have finished the previous difficulty
  • Update spell FXs
  • Update to Unity 2017.1
  • Add and rework sounds
  • Update boss rendering
  • Better borderless support (clicking outside the window do not reduce the game anymore)
  • New jail & animations
  • Load keyboard layout based on system language
  • Add automatic fadeout on ingame chat for better visibilty
  • New model and animations for construction and destruction of buildings
  • Add damage & shield combat scroll texts
  • Rework health bars
  • Add attack reloading bar
  • Better control on short very short distance movement
  • Rework selection with outline instead of selection circle
  • Reduce game size

Bug fixes

  • Correct issue with getting damage from dead unit
  • Correct issue with player reviving from heal after death
  • Fix end screen counter going negative
  • Do not remove player's resource if build is refused by the server
  • Researches unlock are no longer persisted between games on the same session
  • Fix error when creating a server with max 1 player
  • Fix building destruction while constructing or reparing
  • Fix performance issues

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