The version 0.24.5 is out!

Hey guys!

We received lot of feedback concerning the tone of the game and we decided to correct the general lighting and coloration balance. Here are some comparisons we put up for you.






We noticed that a lot of new players were struggeling on their first playthrough so we buffed the hero's health on normal mode to make new players face less punishment. Keep in mind that when you finish the normal mode, the game is not near over. The ultimate goal is to win in Hell mode ;)

Download the version 0.24.5 for free on this website!

Stay tuned, more is coming!


0.24.5 Patch notes


  • Lighting and coloration balance, the game is brighter with more intense colors


  • Updated boss health from 3000 to 6000
  • Updated first difficulty values
    • Player health from 100 to 250
    • Player passive health regeneration from 0 to 2hp/sec


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