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Hello guys!

Since Heroes of Delum has been greenlit, we have been working a lot on concrete features and polishing in the game. The aesthetics generally improved a lot, as I'm going to show you in this article. Also we are finalizing the Steam implementation which include achievements, statistics and joining friends from Steam.

New Special Effects


Fire, poison, ice and more special effects have been reworked and kept in a cartoon theme. Fireballs explode on hit and give a satisfying effect.

New models


We redid old models in order to give a fresher overall look to the game. This is the prison in the center of the map controlled by an evil orb on top of it. The goal is to, wait for it...

Prison Explosion

...destroy it!

New Animations


Building and upgrading structures come now with a cute animation!

Cinematic tool

Cat 2

For our trailer and to make quality screenshots, we are starting to work with tools to create interesting scenes like this one.

Steam implementation

XP screen

To give the players goals and satisfying experiences, you can gain experience and levels after finishing a game. The experience gained depend on the time survived, the number of enemies killed and the number of allies you saved.


In the same spirit, we implemented achievements for Steam. Get them all!

Overall the game is getting polished and ready. We are now working on the trailer and planning very soon on a release. Keep tuned!

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