Heroes of Delum - A cooperative RTS indie game


Withstand attacks from legions of enemies! Play this online cooperative real-time strategy game as up to 5. Can you survive?

Being inspired by the Kodo Tag custom map/scenario from Warcraft 3, which is one of its popular custom map, we decided to work on releasing a dedicated game around the concept, with lots of changes and variations, both in theme and gameplay.

You play a nameless hero who fights against near endless hordes of monsters that spawn from a magic portal created by the dark forces of Delum.

Your only goal is to survive: collect resources, build defenses, upgrade your character.
Win, using your brawn and brains, and the help of your friends!


Forest environnement Snow environnement


Heroes of Delum includes...

  • 1 to 5 players online co-op
  • Requires skill and thinking
  • Randomly occurring events for a dynamic gameplay
  • Difficulty levels from cake to hellish nightmare!
  • More game modes to come
  • A variety of enemies with different strengths to overcome
  • Different world environments
  • ...and ninja cats!

An alpha version is downloadable for free on itch.io and indiedb. The game is not finished yet and we're improving it constantly. We are happy to hear your feedback, so don't hesitate to comment or contact us :)


Desert environnement Building baricades


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